Thursday, October 18, 2007

Basement Burrowing

The kids and I are currently huddled in our basement. Landen has the girls watching "Annie" on Larry's laptop while I track the storms on the television. Our sirens went off a few minutes ago sending Emma screaming down the stairs while Isaac had the presence of mind to grab Maddie from bed and meet us in the basement. Poor Maddie was shaking so hard from being jolted from bed by sirens and screaming...she ran to Landen and wouldn't let him put her down. Oh...the exciting adventures of midwest living. Can't wait to get back to the earthquakes.

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Khara said...

Wow, it must have been bad! We had my mother-in-law sitting last night while we went to the theater and she didn't even CALL US to tell us about the tornado warning!!! She said she assumed they would evacuate the theater if it got that bad. K, we didn't need to see the movie THAT bad. It was depressing anyway. In the Valley of Elah. Don't recommend it to ANYONE with children, grown or small.