Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Grace in Small Things # 2

Today I am facing the daylight with an hour and 1/2 of sleep behind me due to overwhelming anxiety. I need this discipline...

My grace in small things today:
1. Preschool- so I can nap
2. An awesome real estate agent who advocates fiercely for her clients
3. A 10 year old who wakes up with energy and a smile almost EVERY morning
4. Cool mornings
5. Children who can dress themselves (they may not match but they can put the clothes on themselves!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

God of This City

I love this song and found this on YouTube... Kris Allen from American Idol leading his church in worship...

Grace in Small Things # 1

I am joining the ranks of Grace in Small Things. I need this right now. (Thank you, LoveDrunk! You inspired me!) You can join me...it's so simple and so often just the thing we need.

1. My new house closing this week.

2. A husband who (even though he's sick) made me my favorite kind of egg (over-easy) with a slice of toast for breakfast.

3. A preschooler who loves to use her imagination.

4. Hot coffee (made by my wonderful husband, of course) waiting when I wake up.

5. Having the memory increased on my computer so it runs like a dream (silly, huh? but so great!)