Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time Is Running Out

The fate of an orphan in China varies dramatically from those children here in the United States that need families.  Besides being institutionalized, once a Chinese orphan turns 14 they are no longer able to be adopted - either internationally or domestically.  They "age out" of the system. They have missed their opportunity to ever have a family.

Meet Adalai.  Adalai's original paperwork stated that she was born in January of 2001.  That meant there was only a little more than a year to find her a family.  It was recently learned that Adalai's birthday was listed incorrectly and is in fact January of 2000.  This means she has FOUR months to find a family. Adalai is also Hepatitis B + (for more information on this special need, please contact me privately).

Because of the urgency, a family who is homestudy ready or is able to reuse a dossier has the best chance of getting her home.

Adalai is listed with our agency, Children's House International, and we are desperate to find a forever family for her. Adalai lived with a foster family for two years, when her foster family had an emergency she was sent back to the SWI and has lived there for the last 8 years.

Adalai often volunteers to help her teachers as well as other students, was elected as student of the week, and gets along well with her classmates. Adalai loves to sing, run, play games, weave bracelets, draw beautiful pictures, and as any teenage girl her age… loves Hong Kong dramas! Adalai is a fantastic artist, has a beautiful voice and truly wants to find a forever family. She is active at school, leads other children in exercise classes, and works hard to improve her academic abilities. Her SWI describes Adalai as lovely, lively, and liked by everybody.

Her last trip to the doctor for testing reported all normal findings indicating that she has fully recovered from the HBV virus. But Adalai suffers from a mild degree of disturbance in her language ability and a moderate degree of operation capabilities. The SWI believes this is because she has been brought up in an institution and did not receive sufficient early education. Despite all this Adalai has shown great progress in math, reading, writing, and mathematics. We just know this young girl will thrive when she finds her forever family!

PLEASE- Please consider Adalai or consider advocating for her amongst your friends and family.  Time is running out for this precious girl.

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