Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Once you know...

Meet "Cassy".

"Cassy" will be 14 in January which means that in 2 years she will "age out" and will no longer have the chance to experience a forever family.  She will be turned out into the street... no "food stamps", no welfare, no support, no housing, no job placement.

In Eastern Europe alone, there are an estimated 1.5 million orphaned children who live in conditions similar to what I just described. Statistically, less than half of orphaned Eastern European children will live to see their twentieth birthday. Of those who do survive into their twenties, more than half of them will end up in organized crime, prostitution and drug use. Approximately one in ten of those children who are not adopted will commit suicide. Many of the adolescent girls will end up as victims of sex trafficking, which is rampant and thriving throughout Eastern Europe.

In "Cassy's" case in particular, because of her coloring she is even more stigmatized.  To many people in her country she looks "Roma" (the modern term for "gypsy") and there is a high level of discrimination and prejudice associated with "Romas".  Her options in life would be extremely limited.

She is healthy, bright, musical and eager to have a mother and father and family to call her own. 


You can not say you do not know now. 

You have seen her face. 

You know what the statistics are. They do not bode well for "Cassy".

Share her story.  Share her picture.  Help her find a family.  Help her find her potential.  Help her find life.

* To view a video of "Cassy" please contact me at beediva22 (at) gmail (dot) com
*For more information on "Cassy" please contact Nina Thompson at Children's House International

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