Monday, January 20, 2014

My Song

Many women who were unexpectedly blessed by a child (ie Hannah, Mary) often respond with a song or prayer of praise. This is my song. 

Dear God
I am sitting under a canopy of trees on a bench of stone. The wind is blowing softly and the loudest sound around me is the rustling of the leaves. 
I want to use this first completely quiet, peaceful moment to thank you. Thank you for placing Benjamin in our family
...for naming him into existence before the stars began.  For binding our souls together in the covenant of family conquering thousands of miles, across very different cultures and providing the ransom to bring him home. 
I am in awe of your grace in our lives... to be given the gift of our son... to be entrusted with this little life and to be a part of your greater story.  You alone could make this happen. You alone could preserve his life and mend his broken heart...sustaining him through cold, sickness, hunger and time until you made it clear to us that he was our son. I will forever praise you for your goodness, your faithfulness, your mercy. To think that you could use someone such as me, so ill equipped and flawed, to play this part in the amazing journey that is Benjamin's life... I will never... never... find the words to express my overwhelming gratitude... there simply are not the words. We are witness to a miracle. I am fascinated by this chapter in our lives... sometimes fearful...sometimes joyous...sometimes confused...but always fascinated. 


Robert Farrell said...


Jamie Pelfrey said...

You are an inspiration to me. I have been blessed watching from afar as Gods hand has guided your every step. Continued prayers as you bring that precious boy home. This is going to be an amazing ride, my friend!

Carrie said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! This gave me chills to read!
I am thrilled for your growing family! This is a very precious little boy and I am praising God with you that he is now part of your family and will be raised in a home that loves the Lord! God is so good!