Thursday, March 29, 2007

San Diego Friends in Town!

Ok...not posting much. We spent a couple days doing a bazillion loads of laundry and cleaning the house getting ready for company. Then last night, some of our very favorite people in the whole world flew in from San Diego! They are here till Tuesday (hey...sounds like the name of a popular 80's band...Aimee Mann, I love you!). Today we visited our local beloved coffee house (shout out to Bella Vita) with the Escobedo's and took the kids to a movie. Oh...and I had a much needed highlighting session with Callie (who used to do my hair in San Diego) my new streaks!!! We let the girls buy temporary hot pink color and put a few streaks in their hair. Good girl time. Tonight we're relaxing with a couple beers and letting the kids play. I've posted a photo of Emma (our 8 yr old) teaching Gracie (our friends' 5 yr old) how to do Sudoku!

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