Wednesday, April 02, 2008

143 million

A couple of years ago Larry and I grabbed hold of our friend, Karin's dream of an orphan ministry at our church and launched "Father's Heart". As we prepared for our move we were eager to find someone who could take ownership of the ministry, continue it's mission and expand its influence. God answered our prayers in the form of THREE people! One for each arm of Father's Heart. These women are uniquely gifted to complement one another and I am so very thankful that God called them to Father's Heart and that they responded so enthusiastically. Shelley Walatka is our new "adoption" liaison, Berette Bonebrake is our CASA expert and Candace Labron is heading up the foster parenting arm. Take a look at the video Shelley put together (you might even recognize some of the people!):


Karin said...

oh my gosh...awesome video!!! Can I have a copy? :)

heather said...

I should have known better than to watch that when I am seriously exhausted and emotional! Amazingly touching... I can't wait for my turn... Love you