Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Little Late...

Well, we've always had good intentions for starting family devotions and somehow every time we tried it fizzled... usually because of schedules, boring/cheesy material or just lack of discipline. We are trying again (pray for us!).

When I discovered the book that we are using for our women's Bible Study, I noticed that the author had also created a dinner devotion book for families. Because I admire her adult material and I feel confident with her theology, I decided to order it.

In the week or so that we've been using it, it has gone pretty well. Only a few groans and sighs when we pull it out. They are fairly brief which works for us although I have noticed that it sometimes tend to be a little over Maddie's head (just turned 6 years old). I've found that we can usually have one of the other kids explain it in their words to her and I think that's a GOOD thing!

Do you use family devotions in your home? If so, what material do you use? Or do you simply read through scripture? If so, do you have a method to what you choose to read?

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Karin said...

We have tried and failed, tried and failed....

Recently I started to think about how I viewed family devotions growing up. Honestly...they were groan boring. But here is the thing that I got out of it. It showed me that my parents were God followers. They took their walk with Him seriously and they wanted the WHOLE Family to do the same. It presented a united front and carried over the 'we all go to church as a family' into the week days.

So....we recently started again. We are just reading through Proverbs...a few verses each night..keeping it short and it's going over okay. There are lots of distractions and satan ticks me off at how easily he can get the kids to start acting up, but we are going to persevere! :)