Friday, December 07, 2007

A Mixed Up Christmas

I thought I'd share my Christmas Music Mix and here's the bonus! I invite you all to comment, share your mix, or link back to your mix by midnight tomorrow (PST for all my west coast friends) and on Dec. 9th I will choose at random a winner to receive a CD copy of my Mixed Up Christmas! Yay...let the posting begin!

  1. Blue Christmas- Elvis: How can you NOT have a Christmas mix with this song???? It's nostalgic...well, if you're over 50, I guess. It is by an artist whose name alone calls up images of little people with pointy ears and little green shoes with bells on the toes. Need I say more?

  2. Joy (to the World)- Avalon: NOT the traditional version...this is a fun, rousing, sure to get you moving faster as you decorate, shop, address cards, wrap, bake, clean...anything you need extra energy the vocal arrangement is amazing...I love harmonies and small group vocals (as you will see as you continue down this list)...especially ones that sound difficult to pull off!
  3. After December Slips Away- First Call: One of my favorite groups of all time.
  4. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?- Ella Fitzgerald with the Frank DeVol Orchestra: Ok...hand's down this is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever...I had never even heard it before 1999 but my extremely gifted friends, musical arranger extraordinaire, Vanda Eggington and playwright Kerry Meads, used it in a Christmas show I did that year and the moment was so moving that I used to sneak to the curtain every night just to watch the scene (I obviously wasn't in that scene!). Since then I can't help but listen and fall back in time to the beautiful moment created on stage by Robbi Starnegg and Tom was unforgettable.
  5. Snowfall- Manhattan Transfer: Once again...amazing vocal arrangement (and difficult...). It really is gorgeous. One of those "in-front-of-the-fire-sipping-an-adult-beverage-with-Christmas-tree-lights-on" kind of song.
  6. Mystery- Selah: It is the lyrics to this song that draw me in and hold ...riveted:
    "God predestined that His son would die, yet He still created man".
    This song brings my heart back to the gospel and the true significance of Christmas. As our worship pastor, Ryan Flanigan, recently posted in his blog:
    Our Advent worship is, in the words of Bob Webber, "joyful sorrow."
  7. Drummer Boy- Jars of Clay: What post-modern Christmas list would be complete without this version of this song?
  8. Here It Is- Over The Rhine: OVER THE RHINE...what else is there to say? maybe not everyone has had the fortunate experience to be introduced to this brilliant band...let me give you a taste of their lyrics (from "Here It Is"):
    "I cried when I wrote this, I'll always remember the worst kind of lonely is alone in December, The act of forgiveness is always a mystery, the meltingof ice and the future of history..."
    If it made sense (which it doesn't because, after all, this is a mix cd) I would put everyone of their Christmas songs on this list!
  9. I Sing The Birth- Lamb's Players Theatre (An American Christmas) I cried the first time I really heard this song with all it's parts and the rich imagery in the lyrics. We performed this each year I was in this show and each time it never failed to move me.
    I sing the birth was born tonight; The author both of life and light
  10. Hold Onto Christmas-4Him: I have this thing about Marty Magehee's voice...basically I could listen to it forever...I have a feeling that all the tenor angels in heaven possess the same resonanace and timbre that Marty's voice carries. Just a note: if you happen to look up this album on the far as I know, Marty no longer sports that totally rad mullet (the world breathes a sigh of thankfulness).
  11. Wisemen and Angels-Staci Frenes: Heard this simple, lovely Christmas song last year. Staci was kind enough to let us use it.
  12. Carol- First Call: Love the "olde" sound of this one!
  13. All I Really Want-Steven Curtis Chapman: Given my heart for adoption, how could I leave this one out?
    All I really want for Christmas is someone to tuck me in, a shoulder to cry on if I lose, shoulders to ride on if I win. There's so much I could ask for, but there's just one thing I need,. All I really want for Christmas is a family
  14. Twist of the Magi-SheDaisy: This song is hysterical! Check it:
    HE: I put your mother on a greyhound (you did what?)You always hoped she'd have the chance to see the world-now she can SHE: I torched your Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues (No, no, no,no)So I could be your only girl-and now I am BOTH: And I did it all for you, I did it all for . This Christmas all your dreams will come true
  15. Hallelujah Chorus- Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration (Quincy Jones)


Tori said...

Love your list and agree with quite a few. I have to say that I hate how Elvis "swallows" the word mistletoe in Blue Christmas though. He needed a vocal coach! :)
Manhattan Transfer is my favorite Christmas album, love the tight harmonies. Avalon would rank right behind for harmonies.
For fun, I like Bette Midler's Cool Yule and Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas. Just nostalgic I think.
And my favorite one I have ever sang is Do You Hear What I Hear, a 12 part arrangement that just made the hair stand on your neck. Plus, I love the lyrics.
So there you go, but how can you go wrong with Christmas music anyway?!!

deichmans said...

Put me in, Coach! :-)

Renee Deichman said...

Me too!

Brenda O said...

You forgot the classics: "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"- Oh, oops you wanted favorites- sorry-

Dairys said...

What an awesome mix. Love the variety in style. I have to say, Manhattan Transfer has always been one of my favorites!!

Rebecca said...

I need to catch up on my Christams music, all I know is the old classics!

Kristi Siegel said...

I would love a copy, too, Melissa! Pick me, Pick me!
Kristi Siegel

GrangerBaxters said...

I want one...

Berette said...

Our new favorite is "Christmas with a Capital C" on the cd "Snow" by the group Go Fish. If you haven't heard it you've really got to!! The rest of the cd is fantastic as well.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Lori Tinkey said...

Hiya, Neighbor,

So if I win the CD does that mean I've got to get baking/cleaning/wrapping/decorating/etc.?? Right now it doesn't seem like any kind of music could give me that much energy on this cooooold December night! Would love to sit by the fire sipping hot cocoa and listening to these terrific tunes... Merry Christmas! Thanks for the fun and I hope I win the CD!

danaB said...

Have you heard the Barenaked Ladies CD?! (Barenaked for the Holidays) It is a riot! The boys love it; and so do I!

Keith W said...

we love the james taylor christmas album at our house!