Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best laid plans...

I had high hopes for all the house work I would accomplish today after being down with some stomach yuck. Somehow, with missing snow boots, a drive to the school to search for them, a run-in with a certain son's teacher who informed me of some important missing homework, an hour and 1/2 of walking said son through the homework assignment, throwing a certain un-named preschooler into the tub because she drew all over her arms with ballpoint pen, scrubbing aforementioned arms until they were raw so that she wouldn't show up at preschool tomorrow looking like she has a mother who only eats bon-bons all day while her children run wild ( I mean, real-ly. I only do that on Tuesdays.), and then realizing I better get dinner going so my children won't starve since I have to take one of them to small group at 6 and then get myself to worship just didn't happen.

(Random Pet Peeve Statement: By the way, WORLD, I just used "myself" in the previous sentence the correct way...I am so frustrated with the way people use that word in place of "me"!!! Even on the news, in presidential debates, sermons, in's criminal.)

Oh crap... I just remembered that I have to make lunches.

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Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

So many thoughts in one paragraph!! So I'll just comment on on. Why is it so difficult to use 'myself' correctly?????