Thursday, January 10, 2008

Every Bad Girl Does An Emo-dance

Can you guess what I'm going?? Yep...time for this singer to learn to accompany herself with more than a one finger piano Bad Girl Does An Emo-dance (EBGDAE).

Enter stage left: Jess Strantz (ROCK ON!)

Jess attempts to teach Melissa her first guitar lesson all while spouting advice about toughing up finger tips by holding your fingers over a flame and then testing the callouses later with needles... (sidebar: kids, do NOT try this at home! Especially MY kids!)

Center stage under mounting pressure to perform: Melissa, sticking her tongue out at 20 + years of procrastination and trying to figure out how to hold the guitar with boobs in the way. (Please take note of the way rad Invisible Children of my Christmas presents.)

1 comment:

Spillers4 said...

Great minds must think of my goals this year was to learn to play guitar!!! Brandon and I have our first lesson tomorrow!! Woo hoo!!!
EBGDAE!!! I'm with ya!