Friday, January 11, 2008

Time With My Kids...

I've had fun with my kids in the last couple days. Last night the elementary school had a dance where the kids could bring their families. I ended up taking Isaac and Emma and we had a blast. I loved watching how uninhibited they can be in the right surroundings. There was also the added pleasure of seeing Isaac grow up...before the dance he showered, brushed his teeth and put on deodorant! He and his friends spent the entire night showing off for the other fifth grade girls...all taller than them, of course! (pictured l. to rt.: some 6th grader girl, anonymous boy, Isaac-wearing the brown shirt with stripes, Tyler, Zack, and them some 5th grade girls). Emma danced with her friends all night long and really had fun helping a little first grader enjoy herself (pictured l. to rt.: Emma, Katie-the 1st grader, and Jenny, our neighbor and Emma's friend).

Jenny, Emma S. and my Emma rockin' out!

Isaac tried his hand at break-dancing!

Today Maddie asked me if she could give me a make-over. I guess I've had "What Not To Wear" on a little too much lately. She got out her play makeup from Christmas, a squirt bottle (for my hair) and all the hair do-dads she could find. Every so often she would say, "Ok...I'm done. Now pretend you're another person." Then she'd grab toilet paper (clean toilet paper!) and wipe all the lip gloss off and start again. I think I ended up with more lip gloss in my mouth than on my lips but, hey, my finger nails have glitter!!!

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GrangerBaxters said...

How very fun... I love that Maddie's mouth is shaped just like yours. She was just helpin' you get the right angle to apply the perfect amount of lip gloss!!!