Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Losing the baggage...

I started a journey on New Years Day to be deliberate and disciplined about losing some of my baggage...in particular the baggage I carry on my ass. Since then I have heard and read of many of you making the same decision and working and struggling along with you has been an encouragement to me. We could all use little spurts of inspiration along the way even if it's just a suggestion for something new to eat that fits within your meal plan! So, as I sit down at my kitchen table to tackle some writing assignments and my Subway 6" turkey/ham sub on honey oat bread (5 grams of fiber, girls!), I decided I would first send some of my discoveries out into the blogosphere in case they are just what my soon-to-be-skinny sisters need to hear.

(Sidebar: Subway, you are free to show me some love for the product placement.)

I have basically been loosely following the Weight Watchers point plan. I say "loosely" because I'm not journaling and I'm not attending meetings. I'm keeping myself aware of the point values of food and making sure I stay under my point allowance for the day. One of my "tricks" is that I stock up on snacks and foods that have very low point values but that don't make me feel like I'm depriving myself. When I feel I'm deprived I lose heart and my big butt bounces right off the wagon. I have also found a great online support group through my momwriters group. We have to report our progress each week and that alone has made a HUGE impact on keeping me motivated. (Yes... I admit... I'm competitive AND I put way too much stock in what other people...even in cyber-space... think of me. This is also why you will never see my big huge butt in a 'before' picture on this blog.)

As for some discoveries that have helped keep me from deprivation depression...

First, there is the WW snack cakes. 1 point!!!! That's right...I said 1 point!!!! They are moist and I take itsy, bitsy little bites and savor each one and it is usually just what I need. I love the lemon ones in particular. There's something about lemon flavor that helps cut the cravings for me pretty quick... I'm not sure there's anything scientific about that but it helps me. Little secret: I keep them in the freezer. This helps me eat them a little more slowly!

Then I stumbled upon (Thanks, Dana!) Shoutin' From The Rooftop's recommendation of Van's Eggrolls (I found them in the Deli/Produce section at Wal-mart in a refrigerated display case). They are a good, hearty size and are only 2 points each!! Hel-l-l-o-o-o-o!

Of course, there is the ever popular Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. 2 points of sheer taste bud ecstasy.

The other day I came across TheologyMom's recommendation for Broccoli slaw so I decided to try it! I added a tsp of light mayo to mine and some light Italian dressing and it was amazing!

Another new discovery was the FiberOne bars. I've had the Caramel and OMG... it is so delicious, hearty and filling! And the best part??? TWO points!

One last recommendation for today: Weight Watchers Yogurt... it is 1 point. I like to add a little fiber-full cereal for some crunch and added fiber which will boost the point value slightly but it is almost a full meal for me now that my appetite is shrinking. I particularly like the Berries and Cream flavor.

So...all my cyber-friends out there (Cyber-twin, Melissa with your 50+ pounds gone...that means YOU too!) ... what are some of YOUR tips and tricks? Share them here...


TheologyMom said...

Thanks for the tips...I DO love the broccoli slaw especially with added green onions and a few flavored sliced almonds...Also, the hostess 100 calorie cupcakes and coffeecakes. The choc/choc cupcakes & cinnamon struesel coffeecakes are only 1 point for the package of three...love them!

Also, on WW on line, there is a great Mini Choc Chip cookie recipe that I'm in love with...two cookies is only 1 point and my kids loved them too!

Khara said...

Good for you, Melissa! I know you're not fully following the plan, but WW worked WONDERS for me after Abbey was born. I was able to lose about 30 lbs. with it. I found, though, that journaling was the best thing for me personally. If I didn't write things down, I was too liable to forget, or to cheat. :)

Red Letter girl said...

THANK YOU!! This is what I needed as this week the scale was NOT friendly...as I knew it would not be. I was up 1.8 lbs. Doing everything right...just not **seeing** the scale cooperate.

I love the egg roll idea! I am going to look for them tomorrow.

Again, thanks for sharing the journey!!


Dana said...

I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see your skinny butt! ;)
I love the WW peanut butter bliss bars-1 point. They are just enough when I get a chocolate craving.
Hummus is one of my favorite things and I eat it with pita chips, flatbread, veggies, etc. (Find one with low points).
I roast asparagus often, too. And I have found 1 point hamburger buns at henry's that I use for chile lime chicken burgers that I get at Trader Joes that are 2 points! HMMM...what else?!
Now I'm getting hungry!!