Saturday, April 28, 2007

Five Things I Know About Myself

This is a question my husband (whose 'love language' is quality time with the subheading 'quality conversation') came up with. This is not to include personality traits or likes and dislikes per se. He loves to come up with questions that spur conversations into deeper waters.

  1. I like to have a plan. (disclaimer: This does not mean I have to religiously adhere to the plan. It simply means I will go crazy much faster if I have nothing to look forward to or have no idea what may be coming next. I absolutely can not handle sitting around trying to decide what to do. I would rather change a plan.)
  2. I should NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) volunteer for children's ministry, no matter how guilty I feel. (the consequences that would follow would be devastating for all involved)

So...there's the start of my you have some? Tell me about 'em!!!!!!

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