Thursday, April 12, 2007


One of the blogs I love to read is "The Pile I'm Standing In" by Jen Zug. I've never met Jen but she attends a sister church to the one Larry and I helped my brother, Matt, plant in San Diego. she posted a lovely photo of her daughter lying in spring-time green grass. My thoughts went immediately to the grocery shopping trip from which I had just returned.
You see, it's 36 degrees right now with 18 mph winds that make it feel like 25 degrees. After shopping for 1 1/2 hours in our super Walmart with a three year old, I sprinted to the car pushing the overflowing cart ahead of me to shield me from the wind. I grabbed my keys in my frostbitten fingers and unlocked the car. Hoisting Maddie from the cart, I flung open the back door and threw her into her seat. Once she was sufficiently strapped down, I opened the back and started shoving groceries in and amongst the various items that have been living and growing in the back of my car. Satisfied that nothing would fall when I opened the back up again at home (at least nothing that would require a hazmat clean up), I slammed the door and manuevered myself into the driver's seat. Reaching for my purse I realized my keys were gone. Now, I knew I had them when I tossed Maddie in the car so they weren't back at the store. I spent the next 15 minutes searching frantically through each and every shopping bag, under every seat, toy, item of clothing, old lunch bag and smashed book that my kids had left in the car. Finally, at just the moment that I felt compelled to dial 911, I found them hiding at the bottom of one of the bags, right under my tampon box. (Did I mention PMS?) worries...I will only need to have two or three or eight fingers amputated for frost bite.

Where is my lovely spring green grass???????? This is what Easter looked like at the Baldwin Bungalow.

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