Monday, June 18, 2007

Camp Baldwin

The girls (Emma, Maddie and Madeline Hubbard) got right to
work creating the ultimate camp experience. They collected all the greenery they could find as well as anything that resembled a woodland creature and started setting up the area around the tent.

Isaac finally got bored with decorating and left to play outside. Meanwhile the girls dug out my yoga mat and turned it into a stream filled with fish they had drawn on
paper towels and a stuffed crocodile.

They took a break and went outside to play for a little while. A few minutes later the girls came running in with Madeline carrying Maddie who had tears running down her face and blood running down her legs. She had fallen on the sidewalk and scraped up both knees as well as parts of her feet. I wiped up the blood but the older girls insisted on playing Florence Nightengale and nursed her wounds for her while I got the stuff out for s'mores.

As soon as Maddie was all bandaged up it was time to get the fire going...

The girls started melting their marshmallows and we enjoyed an amazing dessert in our wilderness campground!

Eventually Isaac joined us too!

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