Monday, June 18, 2007

Dentists and Dogs

Today Emma got her first filling...make that TWO fillings! We have a wonderful new pediatric dentist who is fabulous with kids and made her feel very comfortable. After choosing the rootbeer flavored laughing gas, she settled down into her chair and was completely cooperative. She insisted that Isaac come along for moral support and he thoroughly enjoyed watching his sister giggle through the entire procedure. Afterward, the three of us (Landen was babysitting Maddie at home) went to the mall across from the dentist's office and chose a puppy to play with at the pet store. The kids chose the cutest little puggle (pug/beagle mix). There are no just have to see for yourself!

He didn't have any desire to play around on the floor. He kept snuggling up to the kids, wanting to be held! He captured their
hearts in an instant.

Later we picked up Madeleine (Emma's best friend) and came home to create Camp Baldwin...our own version of camping in our air conditioned living room! Pictures coming soon.

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