Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Making the 'Spiritual' Connection

Lately I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to convince Maddie that she is 'big enough' to go potty by herself. She, on the other hand, has been adamant that she needs assistance, specifically, from Mommy.

Today we were careening through the house during another last minute "potty" alarm. Limbs were flinging left and right as we dodged a football, sleeping bag, mouse house and two, or was it three, remotes to some electronic device that probably doesn't work anymore. As we raced toward the bathroom, I prepared an outline in my head for my opening arguments which I had scheduled to begin the moment I placed her, captive, on the potty.

As I plopped her down on the seat, I said, calmly and rationally, "Maddie, you're a big girl now. You don't need me to help you."

"But mommy, I do. I do need help."

"No, Maddie. Mommy doesn't need to help you."

Suddenly a light went on.

I held my breath. Could this be 'IT'? The right of passage into a world of no longer needing to wipe anyone else's butt (OK...admittedly... I wasn't factoring in elder care for my parents someday...I was caught up in the excitement of the moment).

Maddie took a deep breath and said, "Mommy doesn't need to help me? Will Jesus help me?"

Clearly, my point didn't get through.

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