Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This Morning

Disclaimer: Photo does not do this justice.

I reluctantly emerged from my cocoon of blankets and dragged my tired, achy, snot-ridden body to Isaac’s room, gently shook him and stumbled to the kitchen to heat up a cup of yesterday’s coffee. We quietly maneuvered through our preparations and then, wiping more sleep from our eyes, went to the garage. I fumbled for the garage door opener and wound my way through the bikes, cardboard fortresses and scattered shoes to the car. What greeted my eyes as the creaking door lumbered open was mesmerizing. In the mists of the early morning sky was a double rainbow that stretched from one end of our cul-de-sac to the other. It was whole, vibrant and filled the sky. Isaac and I just stopped, wide-eyed now, and drank it in.

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Jersey Girl said...

Beautiful! The picture is amazing! May I have a copy of this pic of our house for my scrapbook? Funny, just couldn't get to the camera that morning... your description made me smile... :-)