Monday, September 10, 2007

60 second vent session... I'm tearing around my house trying to get some rooms ready so our broker can take some photos for the listing and I keep coming across more and more to do...unmade beds, toys on the floor, dirty clothes strewn around various rooms, clean clothes strewn across various rooms, dried toothpaste on sinks, dried toothpaste on counters, dried toothpaste on mirrors, dried toothpaste on EVERYTHING...well, almost... my kitchen sink is plugged, there are these fruit fly things all over my house that I can NOT get rid of, I haven't even checked the basement yet and I know she wants pictures of it because it's a huge feature of our house (custom bar, etc)... and I'm thinking..."how in the hell am I going to sell a house with four kids, a dog, cat, 6 mice and 4 fish? I am crazy already... having to show it on a regular basis is going to be insane."

Ok...done venting... for now.


shell said...

you know you can run down the street to our house ANYTIME you need to kill that 1/1 an hour between showings....or drop some kids off. :) we are gonna miss ya!

jen said...

My friend has four kids age 8 and under, and when they put their house on the market they all moved in with her mother.

Also, I'm a big fan of those PODS storage things that drop a crate off in your driveway, you fill it, and they haul it to a warehouse. Just get rid of everything non-essential until you sell!

I have no suggestions for the dried toothpaste. :)

Dana said...

Shannon had those fruit flies at her place and I think she said she put a layer of sand on top of the soil in her plants. Ask her about it! Do you want me to send you some sand?! =) J/K
LOTS of love,