Monday, September 10, 2007

Articulating Affection...

I'm going to be trying in the remaining time here in Granger to tell you about some amazing people who have walked through my time here with me in sometimes small but always significant ways.

I'd like to start with Michelle Callahan and Anita Wade who were in a small group, along with their husbands, with me and Larry during our adoption of Maddie. Their constant prayer support, encouraging hugs, genuine interest and loving care of our family will never cease to astound me.

Michelle and her husband, Rick, drove us to the airport the morning (EARLY) that we left for China. Before we left she created a personalized, specific, daily prayer list for our entire trip and distributed it to people who would be holding up our family in prayer. Anita put together a "shower" basket for me along with various cards from other friends to open at different points in the trip. They both helped with our other three kids while we were in China, even taking them to Build-A-Bear to create a special bunny together for their new little sister. Anita then came over with my sister-in-law, Becky (more on her later!) and cleaned my entire house before we returned home so that we wouldn't have to think about anything but bonding with our baby girl! And then there was the actual homecoming! In the middle of the busy Christmas season, they were there at the airport to greet us and welcome Maddie to her new home, even though we were delayed for quite some time.

These are just a couple of the myriad of ways these women supported me through an intensely emotional time. When they say they are praying for me, I believe them. That in itself is remarkable.

(Picture is from the airport at Maddie's homecoming. Anita is the blond in the black coat on the left of the photo. Michelle is the tall brunette on the right of the photo.)

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