Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You've not been prayed over...

until my dear friend, Tori Yoder, has prayed over you! Tori is the very picture of Christ to me. She has a beautifully, sweet spirit and when she prays I feel as if I am standing under a downpour of the Holy Spirit. She has the heart of a servant and the humility of my savior and she has the ability to bring the gospel to life for me. I absolutely love to lead worship with her. Her face shines with her love of Jesus and compels you to join in. I am so very privileged to call her friend. She even gives my love of the dramatic a boost by calling me her "edgy friend"! :-) I have never met someone so wholly beautiful and I adore her. I wish a Tori into your life...you will never be the same!

Thank you, Tori...for the prayers, the hugs, the truth, the friendship, the basin, the water, the tears, the scripture, the worship and also for the honor of being a part of Kyla's birth! I love you!

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