Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Saw What I Saw...

My friend, Shelley, posted this on her blog earlier today. I just had to pass it along. I am wrestling right now with what I have always felt I needed to have to be a successful person and parent. I'm not sure why but it is hard for me to let go of owning a home and I don't like myself much for feeling so attached to this perception of success. I am torn between this part of me and this growing desire to simplify and be in a position to be more generous...with my time, my space and my money. I know that I've seen what I've seen and it has been changing me.


Stephanie said...

What a great "kick in the pants" to start the day - that video served as an excellent reminder that we have so much and often give so little.

I want to reach out more. I want to be stretched. I want to have the courage to ask those tough questions - What am I made of? Do I know what love is? Do I live out my faith daily?

calliegirl said...

My favorite part was, "I saw my son in a child's eyes today." For some reason, when I think of children that live in poverty I always picture that child being my son. The emotions and feeling of abandonment that every child must feel in that situation.

Maybe someday, if the Lord still wants me to be a nurse, I will be able to go to Africa and help someone in need. I have always wanted to, especially because they didn't have the same opportunities that I had.