Saturday, September 01, 2007

Things I Love About Granger, Indiana

  1. Notre Dame University (Go Irish!) The electricity in the air on game weekends... it's crazy fun!
  2. Green, green, grass, green trees, green corn stalks... green
  3. Wide open spaces
  4. The sound of trains in the distance
  5. The sound of geese as they fly over head (or sit on our roof!)
  6. Big backyards (did I mention the green grass)
  7. Fireflies
  8. Awesome thunderstorms!
  9. Driving under a canopy of trees
  10. Having a corn field on the opposite corner from a Starbucks
  11. The schools
  12. Slower pace... it doesn't feel like everyone's always in a hurry
  13. Bella Vita (our dear friends, Scott and Kristine's coffee house)


strantzformer said...

Things I love about Granger...

shell said...

man jess, way to leave the rest of us out!
i like green too....and soon you can add beautiful leaves of many colors!