Sunday, September 30, 2007

Girls' Day Out

Emma (my 8-almost-9 yr old) is best friends with Madeline ...the daughter of my best friend here in Granger, Kristine. When we started planning our move back to San Diego, the girls hatched a brilliant plan that would make their separation more bearable. They decided that the four of us (mommies and daughters) should go to Chicago and visit the American Girl Place where they would pick out "Looks Like Me" dolls and then exchange them so Emma would have a doll that looked like Madeline and Madeline, one that looked like Emma. Kristine and I thought it was ingenious idea, so yesterday we gathered up our toll money, piled into the car and made the journey to the Windy City. We had a long, wonderful day. Our first stop was the American Girl Place and then we had lunch together at the Cheesecake Factory. The rest of the day involved a visit to the Hershey Store, walking, stopping to go potty at Borders, more walking, petting the horses waiting to pull carriage rides, walking again, buying Kristine cute maternity clothes on sale at The Gap, MORE walking, buying a "short attention span" onesie for "The Boy" (how we are currently referring to the growing male within Kristine's womb), walking (sort of) a little more, throwing pennies in a wishing fountain, limping, stopping get me a Diet Pepsi fix, and then some staggering to our parking garage! It really was so fun to watch the girls just enjoy everything.


Khara said...

How fun! And what a great idea for the girls. That has to be tough at that age.

deichmans said...

Renee says "That is adorable!"

Hope your move back to the Sandy Eggo goes well!