Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When I grow up...

…I want to be Berette.

Last week, before our house went on the market officially, I received a phone call in the late afternoon from our broker. She has a potential buyer who would be in town the next morning and wanted to see the house. Larry was thousands of feet in the air traveling back from San Diego and my house was a complete disaster. So, having much faith and discipline, I knelt down and prayed for overwhelming peace and energy and dug in…NOT! I panicked! My first instinct was to grab the phone and call the most resourceful person I know who has had experience with showing houses with a house full of children…Berette.

Me (hyperventilating): “So, I’m in a panic…(I explain the dilemma)…what is the least I need to do to get the house ready to show? What should I do?”

Berette (completely calm but decidedly perky): “Ok…(side note: this is not the first time I have heard this next phrase come from Berette’s mouth)…here’s what you do! I will be over in about an hour, pick up your kids, pick up some pizza, take them back to my house at which point Jeff (her husband) will be home. I will leave all the kids there, pack up my cleaning supplies and be back over. Then we will clean your house till it shines! How does that sound?”

Me (feeling guilty…this is not what I meant when I asked, “what should I do”): “uhhhhh…”

Berette (firmly, yet STILL perky): “This is where you say, ‘sounds good, Berette. See you in a little bit.'”

Me (thankful for this lifeline and the fact that Berette is not allowing me to turn away help which I am VERY adept at doing): “Ok…thank you. I will see you in a little bit.”

Let me just say that this chick knows how to clean and how to do it quickly! What an amazing woman but really this story only scratches the surface of how God has blessed me through her.

I met Berette a couple of years ago when I was working at our Father’s Heart display at church (Father’s Heart is the orphan ministry that Larry and I oversee). She was visiting River Valley with her family and immediately expressed her delight in seeing us promoting adoption through the foster care system (it was our emphasis that week). She and her husband, Jeff, are former foster parents and have adopted all four of their children AND she has a rainbow family like us! I was so encouraged just in the span of our 5 minute chat because she absolutely radiated contagious enthusiasm (those who know her, can I hear an “amen”?).

Her family started attending the church but with three services and seven (now eight!) kids between us I didn’t have any opportunity to touch base with her again. However, several months later, she showed up on the list of people who had signed up to bring us meals after we brought Maddie home from China and she had volunteered to bring us dinner on CHRISTMAS DAY! I called her and told her that mom would be in town and she really needn’t go through the trouble. I have since learned that when Berette decides to serve, there is no dissuading her! She brought us a lovely dinner and the most amazing caramel-y apple dessert.

Since that time, I have had the pleasure of calling Berette my friend. I feel authentically loved by her. I have learned that when I have a genuine need, I can call her. She must have the spiritual gift of service because she is readily available to pitch in wherever a need exists. I had the distinct honor several months ago of accompanying her to her “swearing in” by the juvenile court judge as she was commissioned as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and prayed for her as she tackles her first couple cases. I am proud of her, blessed by her, appreciative of her tenacity and spirit and will miss her immensely. But I also know Berette and so I know that our lives will intersect again and again.

BTW- I just got home from picking up my dog at her house. She volunteered to watch him while we had a showing.

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shell said...

she is so awesome. and i could just hear her voice in that conversation you typed. :)